Meat shares: 3 options

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 3:45pm

This year's flock grazed on lush pastures given all the rain we have had this season.  They are the pride of our farmscape. The "Finn" is a tri-purpose breed known for delicate meat, high quality fleece, and excellent breeding with a hardy constitution, capable of thriving on grass pasture. The flock is now crossed with Merino for increased value of wool and Cheviot for a slightly larger stature.  We sell whole lambs, cut and wrapped to your specifications (racks, chops, roasts, ground, etc.). The price is $10.00/lb on the hanging weight, and most boxes, once trimmed and packaged, weigh about 30 lbs of meat.

This $200 price is for DEPOSIT ONLY.  You will pay the balance of the share when the meat comes back and we have determined the hanging weight.  Your deposit guarantees your spot in line for when the meat is processed and arrives at the farm.  When you come to pick up your box, you will pay the balance of the cost.  Thanks!

For those who are interested in humanely raised, free range, pastured meat options in our local food-shed, I commend your decision to be conscientious about such a tricky part of our diet and its effect on our fragile ecosystem. We have done our best this year to raise our lambs on open pasture that they evolved to serve. This year, our lambss are a combination of three breeds, the finnsheep, cheviot, and merino - all are prized agricultural species.  Ironically, the only way to protect heritage breeds of farm animal species is to eat them. They rely on us. If no one wants to eat pastured heritage lamb anymore, then all lamb will be raised in confinement on grain. In this crucial way, the consumer is the architect of the farm. 

If you decide to purchase a lamb share, you must reserve your share by purchasing a non-refundable deposit on your share. Once you have placed your order, you are committing to purchasing the animal.  We sell only whole lamb shares, not halves. We sell lamb for $10.00/lb hanging weight - and the hanging weight are usually around 35 pounds. Of course if you decide to purchase a lamb share you can divide your share with friends but that is for you to orchestrate. You buy the lamb from us and then we help you arrange for it to be cut and packaged according to your specifications. The packaging is a freezer paper that is rated for 1 year. 

We expect our first set of lambs to be ready in November and our second set to be ready in December/January.
One of the most educational things about buying meat in "wholes" or "halves" as we are promoting, is that you are placed in a longer term relationship with one animal and you eat a wider variety of cuts of meat. You can not just take the racks and leave the lamb-burger. You may need to clear some room in your freezer or go in with a few friends. Our price is a reflection of the costs of conscientious animal husbandry - something you do not find on the factory farm or feedlot. We hope that the care we have taken in raising them will translate to care you take in eating them.

One of the things I often find myself talking about with those who are unnerved of even shocked to find we raise meat on our farm is that it is BECAUSE I care about animals that I can not eat meat that I do not feel was raised in a way I am comfortable with. I have stood witness to every part of this process and I promise you that each and every animal we are selling has lead a safe, comfortable, clean and well nourished life and was tended to by careful and respectful farmers.

Choose which option you would like: lamb and/or pork and/or beef share

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