Pastured Livestock: Meat and Wool

For those who are interested in humanely raised, free range, pastured meat options in our local food-shed, we commend your decision to be conscientious about such a tricky part of our diet and its effect on our planet. Our farm produces pork and lamb and eggs, and they are available year round.

For Individual Cuts: Our Farm Store Meat Freezer is stocked  with pastured meat from our farm for direct retail. All our retail meat is USDA processed.

For whole or half shares: Purchasing a whole lamb or a half pig allows you to walk through a personalized cut sheet from nose to tail with a farmer to ensure you receive exactly what you want. Through out the conversation through your cut sheet, you become connected directly to your food and your farmers. The added bonus of purchasing a whole or half animal is that it is more cost effective.

Email us about any further questions you may have.

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