Week 4 (again)

Dear CSAers,

Welcome to our 2018 Icelandic Ram!  Pictured above, this handsome devil is getting his footing here in his new, albeit temporary, home.  The icelandic flock we purchased this season is a new venture for us in shepherding.   Icelandics are an ancient breed: wily, aloof, and gorgeous.  They are prized for being good at land clearing, particularly on scrub land with invasive plants, and being hardier and more independent (read less fussing over them) then our main Finn-Merino flock.  As a result of needing less care, the icelandic's are rarely handled - and this ram is about as wild as they come.  Let's see what Laura's magic sheep whispering can do to bring this stallion into the fold over the next month.  When selecting a ram, a conscientious shepherd checks stature, hooves, loin and leg structure, fleece quality and all the important breeding bits... but would you just look at that face?!

In this week's share:

  • leeks
  • peppers
  • kale
  • napa cabbage: for suggestions on preparing these click here - definitely try the spring roll/dumpling wrapper (if only for the peanut sauce)
  • carrots
  • cilantro
  • radicchio
  • preserve: Dilly Beans.  These little fellows have quite a following.  Enjoy them just straight from the jar or pair them as a Hickories Blood Mary swizel stick.

Please note that last week's email was mistitled as "Week 4".  THIS is, in fact, week 4.  I will continue to practice my counting skills, so thank you for bearing with me. 

Also, I will send a separate email, but just in case any of you were planning on coming for hayrides and pumpkins this weekend, the patch will be closed for the storm.  



The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851