Week 4

Dear CSAers,

This week's share combines some familiar favorites like eggplant, peppers, and arugula with some new faces such as hardy kiwi and purple top turnips.  The purple tops can be cubed, boiled and mashed - or simply roast them on the grill.  The kiwi berry is something I am particularly proud of: a perennial and cold hardy vine we planted years ago and are just now starting to harvest in full production.  They are a "mini-me" version of a large kiwi (pictured above) and bear the same flavor and texture.  Eat them skin and all and post on our facebook page if you find a particularly good use for them.

There are still tickets available for the Full Moon Harvest Party next Wednesday in the barnyard.  Come to carve a pumpkin and/or sit fireside and watch the moonrise (fingers crossed for a cloudless night!) Matt Stanczak and Dan Sabia will be here to cook for any guests who want to purchase open fire-cooking with our farm's harvest.

In this week's share:

  • arugula
  • eggplant
  • peppers
  • collards
  • parsley
  • purple top turnips
  • kiwi berries - eat them when they start to soften up (which will happen randomly so give each one a little squeeze before popping it in your mouth.  They can be stored in the crisper drawer for quite a while and will ripen when you pull them out and put them on the counter.)
  • onions

One important note: our dear dear Jaci Slattery is celebrating her marriage here tomorrow at the farm.  You will notice her family's tent here in the barnyard when you pick up your share today.  We are overjoyed -and fully prepared for her to break world records for most gracious and most beautiful bride.  If you would like to send along any well wishes, please feel free to email her at jaci@thehickories.org.

All the best,


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