Summer CSA - Week 3 *Pollinator Event this Friday!*

Dear CSAers,

As of right now it looks like the rain will hold out for pick your own. However in the event of rain we always invite you to come back on a nicer day to pick. Please bring your pint from last week to reuse! 

The Strawberry patch is exploding so this week so we invite our CSA members to pick an extra pint to purchase in the farm store at a discount of $4.00/pint (instead of 5).

As you pick if you happen to harvest a "bad" strawberry there will be black crates in the strawberry patch and simply place the strawberry in there for future jam. 

Week 3 Share:

  • Romaine Lettuce head
  • Carrots  
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Swiss Chard
  • Peas (PYO Optional, peas are next to strawberries so if you are out you are welcome to pick!) 
  • PYO Strawberries
  • Kale (Extra) We know you have had a lot but if you love kale we have more! 

Garlic scapes are another seasonal summer treat! They are the slim, serpentine flower stems that sprout from the tops of the garlic bulb as it grows. Raw scapes have an assertive garlic flavor that’s less fiery and grassier than that of raw cloves. Because scapes have a tough and fibrous texture, they work best minced or pureed for raw applications. Pureed with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts, they produced a simple yet potent pesto.

Thanks to the efforts of CSA member Kristin Quell-Garguilo, The Hickories is hosting a special pollinator event this Friday for our CSAers and farm guests:
June 21st, 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Starting at the pond, the Hickories becomes a live action board game as you quest your way through the challenges pollinators face. This unique outdoor experience is a fun positive way to hike and learn. The game lasts about 45 minutes, can be played solo or as a group and is fair weather dependent. Get your wings, antennae, and segmented body parts ready to enjoy a trail hike around the pond loop.
Parking for this event is in the next lot on your left after our farm driveway entrance. In the event that it is raining, we will reschedule and send an update.

Barn Dinner: Farm and Sea, June 23rd

Chef Dan Sabia returns with a new journey for us to take. Join us as we gather in the barn to experience this multi course meal with wine pairing. Chef Dan will explore the intricacies between sea and land crops in the first days of summer.  Come dressed for rain or shine.  Come with an open mind and open palette and ready to join with us as we honor our place, our soil, our sea, and, of course, our friends.  The cooking fires will be lit at dawn and the food will be a slow and care full preparation.
 Tickets can be purchased here

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851