Summer CSA - Week 14

Hi All-- This Newsletter has important information so PLEASE READ!

Next week (September 9th) are hosting outstanding in the field on Wednesday and Thursday night, a sold out event. CSA pick up for next Wednesday will be moved to Monday,pick up time will remain the same (2-7). For Friday, your pick up date will remain the same. We hope this isn't a huge inconvenience but we feel with the volume of the event on here Wednesday it will be more relaxed to have everyone here on Monday. 

The Following week, week of September 16th is the last week for the summer share pick up! To celebrate, we will be hosting a pot luck picnic on the 20th Friday from 5-7. I will send another note about this next week, but want everyone to get it on their radar. 

With all of that out of the way--

In the share this week 

-Husk cherries. I know many of you enjoy these, and some of us are still wondering what else we can do with them besides literally eating them by the pint. I have made a jelly out of them once. It took a lot of work, but also was amazing tasting almost like a marmalade. Follow the link to get some ideas.

-Slicing Tomatoes. Did you know if you run out of time and your tomatoes might make it to the compost before you can eat them you can freeze them for later use? Super easy too! I started doing this and I love pulling tomatoes out of the freezer to add to a recipe instead of using canned tomatoes. 


-Sweet Peppers

-HOT peppers! Cayenne and jalapeño. If you are afraid of hot peppers, try bringing some home and drying them. Adding them bit by bit into a chilly into the winter makes them less 'scary'

-Sweet corn, grown from our friends at sport hill farm. 

-Tea Herbs, a wide selection! 

See you at the farm!


The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851