Summer CSA - Week 13

This week the humidity broke this week we woke up one day and it kind of felt like fall. I know some schools have started back up so it feels like summer is over. While it is a few more weeks until the summer is 'officially' over, we welcome the slightly cooler weather with open arms. 

This week I am thrilled to share with you all is our watermelon harvest! Last year with a mix of pest issues and heavy rain we had a few watermelon, it was a super let down. However this year, we have two types red and yellow and both are sweet! The longer ones will be the yellow and more circle will be the red! They are super yummy and are great for a watermelon salad or adding into your kids lunch. 

In the share this week:

-Slicing Tomatoes

- Husked Cherries

- Watermelon

-Green beans

-Sweet Peppers

-Cherry Tomatoes 

If you get to a point where you are starting to wonder what you would do with your cherry tomatoes-- a great option to use them up is to dehydrate them. This can be do either in a food dehydrator OR an oven. It is an easy processes and they can store for 6 months out or up to a year in the freezer. 

See you the farm 


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