Summer CSA, PYO rules 2020

 In order to provide safe, reliable, and nutritious food at a PYO farm during a pandemic, we believe the first step is a pledge to each other. All farm employees and visitors must be committed to adhering to health and safety standards identified by the CDC and the CT Department of Agriculture’s guidance. In addition, we must be committed to helping each other learn these new standards of practice – we are all in this together. So please do not take offense if someone reminds you to wash your hands or if a farmer gives a 10 foot distanced wave instead of the hug you may be used to. We are doing our best, and we are right there beside you trying to find our way.

• Wash hands upon arrival to the farm, at least 20 second each time. Dry your hands with a paper towel. • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. If you do must do so, wash your hands again. 
• Stay home if you are sick. 
• Wear a face mask at all times while at the farm: Executive Order 7BB.
 (Please note, farmers do not use masks while working in field but do so while harvesting and will do so while traveling in PYO areas)

• Follow all signs and arrow leading out to the fields and enter and exit the field by following arrows. o This will require more walking then normal, so please be patient.
 • To maintain social distance, wait your turn to enter the row if a family is ahead of you. Please stay picking in your own aisle and do not move to another.
• Per Executive Order 7S, patrons must wear face masks. Please bring your own. If you are found without a mask we will ask you to leave. 
 • If you or a family member has a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask please contact us directly, and prior to arrival to the farm.
 • If you are a senior or part of an immunocompromised household, please contact us for a picking time the is outside what is available.
 • No animals/pets allowed. (Nothing new here) 
• Food picked cannot be consumed in the field and should be eaten at home. NO snacking, no mask removal. This is per Connecticut Department of Agriculture guidelines for all PYO farms. 
 • CSA members are only allowed in field with their nuclear family only. Please limit group size to 5 people.
 • Do not bring your own picking container from home. We will provide a new pint container for you each time. Please keep yours, and we will hope these can be reused soon. 

If needed, we have a port-o-pottie on the path to the field. Please use restroom before entering field. If you have to go please still follow the flow of traffic following direction of arrows back to the port-o-pottie. Please keep in mind that this will take longer, so encourage little ones to “be sure” before heading into the field. Wash hands after using the restroom. 

Fingers, Feet, Feathers, Fences and Fur 
Please enjoy the farm with your eyes and ears but avoid touching tools, equipment, doors, gates and fences. If you happen to see livestock or tractors, please do not touch. Tractors, trucks and farm equipment are for farm workers only; climbing or touching them puts everyone at risk. 

Please resist reaching though fences to touch livestock. The risk of transmitting COVID to any animal is low, however we would like to minimize all risks and fences may be electrified. Please practice social distancing with all animals, keeping 6 feet away from livestock. 

As always, please do not open any gates, follow traffic pattern, and stay on a direct path. As the season progresses we will try and open other paths for time well spent outside.

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851