Spring CSA Week 1, 2019

Welcome Spring CSAers,

We are so excited about this very first share of our 2019 CSA program! In the warmth and sunshine of our green and hoop houses, a new team of farmers and volunteers have been growing and harvesting seasonal vegetables and salad greens. 

In this week's share:  

·       Arugula

·       Hakurei Turnips

·       Scallions

·       Kale Raab

·       Spinach

·       Green Salsa

A word on Raabs:  Raabs are harbingers of springtime in the Northeast. When the weather starts to warm, plants in the brassica family (which includes kales, cabbages, Brussels sprouts, etc.) send stalks of flowers called ‘raabs’. These tender edible flowering tops of the bolted brassica after a long winter. You can eat raabs raw or cooked, and every part is edible. Chop your your raabs raw into salads, lightly steam them OR drizzle with oil and grill or broil them!

What’s Happening on the Farm?

CSA-only Baby Animal Tours are at 2:15pm and 4:15pm this Friday. Wear all-weather gear as we will be walking around the barn and then out to the pond as we visit our lambs and pigs! Weather pending. 

Our 2019 Farm staff will be hanging around the barn. There will be familiar faces: Dina, Laura, Jaci and Wilson. Our new farm hands this year include Lucy and Matt! We are all excited to have you at the farm. 

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851