Pork Shares now available

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One of the most educational things about buying meat in "halves" or "quarters," as we are promoting, is that you are placed in a longer term relationship with one animal and you eat a wider variety of cuts of meat. You can not just take the tenderloins and leave the hamburgers. You can not just take the bacon from the pig -- you also must find a use for the shoulder roast and the loins. You may need to clear some room in your freezer or go in with a few friends. Our price is a reflection of the costs of conscientious animal husbandry - something you do not find on the factory farm feedlot. We hope that the care we have taken in raising them will translate to care you take in eating them.

One of the things I often find myself talking about with those who are unnerved to find we raise meat on our farm is that it is BECAUSE I care about animals that I can not eat meat that I do not feel was raised in a way I am comfortable with. I have stood witness to every part of this process and I promise you that each and every animal we are selling has lead a safe, comfortable, clean and well nourished life and was tended to by careful and respectful farmers.

PLEASE NOTE, your deposit guarantees your spot in line for when the meat is processed and arrives at the farm.  At that point, you will pay the balance of the cost based on the final hanging weight.  Thanks!

IF YOU ARE GIVING THIS PORK SHARE AS A GIFT - contact the farmers at The Hickories (info@thehickories.org) and we will be sure to follow up with the recipient about specific cuts that he/she prefers.  

Click here to place a deposit on your share.

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