October: Know Your Farmer, Know your Farmland

Dear All,

October is a month for steeping yourself in New England traditions.  Harvest dinners, Full Moon parties, pumpkin patches, and more.  For us here on the farm, it is a time to get grounded after the flutterings of summer have flitted by. We pull our collars up around our cheeks and cast down the last of the winter-rye. Our thoughts drop again into our roots - the safe haven where we store all we have gleaned from another season of growing.  

The Hickories has long been a destination for traditional October celebrations: for years, we followed Otto's wagon wheel road and gone round and round on hayrides and sold pumpkins.  This year, we want to introduce a new tradition - with the belief that the work here that is most compelling has to do with the individuals who make it happen.  The Farmers and You.  

The Farmers here make the beauty, bounty, and bedrock of Ridgefield their mission and their home.  This October, we will open up our barn doors, fields, and forrests and create opportunities for us to get to know each other - and "re-neighbor" ourselves by simply spending time walking and talking together about the work, the places (and don't forget the piglets) we love.  We have collectively decided to put together tours/activities and workshop that represent our love of The Hickories, farming, and the joy of working land - with the hope that we can create more meaningfully rooted bonds between ourselves and our neighbors, our citizenship, our planet.  This begins with simply coming together with our families, our children, our visiting in-laws, etc. and taking time to walk and talk together.  So here goes...

October 2019 - Know your Farmer, Know your Farm, Know your Town, Know your Neighbors, Know the Land.

Each weekend we will organize the farmers and conservationists to design their own walks and talks about that which they love the most.  Yes, there will still be a pumpkin patch.  And yes, there will still be our daily harvest in The Farm Store!  But instead of hayrides, we want to walk and talk with you about our work with the sheep, chickens, pigs, pollinators, rainbow trout, mushrooms, history, etc.  Each weekend day there will be several events and gatherings to mark this momentous time of year.  Our hope is that you will stop and see us throughout the month, send friends, and sink deeper in love with farming, food, and fellowship.  

Sign ups are available now and in the (new online) Farm Store: click here.

Tickets will also be available day of in the Farm Store - but space is limited so we recommend reserving in advance.

We will publish a calendar of events closer to each weekend, but keep an eye out for:

  • Trout-fishing at the pond with Dina and Crispin
  • Wool and Wine with Laura
  • Seed saving and native plants 
  • Animal chores, with Jaci 

Happy Autumn.  We look forward to seeing you!


Dina, Jaci, Laura and the team

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851