Mother's Day from the Farm Store - Dig In!

Dear All,

Fresh cut spring flowers bouquets are in abundance in the Farm Store!  Despite the deluge, the Farm Store is ready to celebrate all the mother's we know and love.  

For the traditionalist's proverbial breakfast in bed and flower bouquet, we've got you covered: try our new breakfast sausage, eggs scrambled with spring foraged ramps, and a Bloody Mary (with a lovage swizel stick!) set beside a one-of-a-kind bouquet of spring blooms.  Pictured above is our salad mix topped with radishes, bacon (of course) and edible flowers (stocked in limited supply today!)  For a list of other great ideas, see below. Drop into the Farm Store today or tomorrow and pick up something to brighten up this rainy weekend!

  • Bee-Kind flower shares - pay it forward with a redeemable card for our certified organic flower arrangement(s) during the height of our growing season (the recipient can choose from among many dates). Your moms and the bees will thank you!
  • Floral Workshops - give Mom a night out and time to stop and smell the flowers.  Our floral workshop run throughout the season and are a great way to celebrate organic flower farming.
  • Seed Bombs - for all the guerrilla gardeners or the wildflower enthusiasts out there.  Lob one of these lovely "eggs" into the backyard or empty meadow and enjoy a bounty of native wildflowers during the summer.  
  • Wool-filled Duvet or Woolen Throw Blanket - snuggle up with our warm-in-the-winter/ cool-in-the-summer duvet.  Sustainable, renewable, and the epitome of coziness.
  • Fly-Fishing classes and open Fishing Hours - have an adventure together and learn something new.  Our fly-fishing class today has been postponed due to the storm, but open fishing hours(for those with experience) and Fly Fishing classes still have open rod spots! (We have equipment available.)

Happy Mother's Day.  With a shout out loud from your local farmers to Mother Earth!

All the best,


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