Important Update on the Farm Store

An important announcement about our Farm Store and food safety precautions: PLEASE NOTE PICKUP HOURS HAVE CHANGED. 
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We are a neighborhood farm and are eager to fulfill an important role in these uncertain times.  As such, we are taking extra precautions to be able to provide our community with a steady supply of safe and nutritious food.  Please note the following changes that will take effect until further notice.  Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our work here at The Hickories. 
Pay close attention to the following new system, starting today...
1. The Farm Store and farm's land and animals are closed for visitors/walkers.We want to ensure the highest level of food safety and livestock wellness.  
2. Fresh food is still available to you, but the ONLY way to purchase food is to order online.  Our doors will remain open so you can pickup pre-ordered food. We have shifted our inventory to our online store, and we will restock inventory as we have it.  Once you have ordered, you will receive a confirmation email and only then can you come to pickup your order.  It will be in the Farm Store in a bag with your name on it.  The pickup times are Wednesday and Saturday 2pm- 5pm. Again, wait until you have a confirmation email. 
3. When you come to pick up your order, please use an abundance of caution and common sense. We will be cleaning the farm store multiple times a day during pickup days, but we need your help to reduce the risk of germs spread customer to customer.

We will be in touch again with updates. A healthy and happy weekend to you all.

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851