Drumroll please...

Corn and Tomatoes are here!

Summer is in full swing now.  We are also harvesting cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes and much more into our Farm Store - picked fresh every day.  The wet and humid weather of this growing season will make the corn harvest window short (and sweet!) this year - so hurry over. The tomato harvest is just starting in earnest - from big ol' heirlooms to little sunbursts of cherry tomatoes - we are stocking up the  Farm Store for a delicious weekend here at The Hickories. We are harvesting new varieties each day as they ripen - so look to see the "tomato bar" offerings increasing in the next two weeks.

I typically wait until at least August to make the call, but The Hickories Rookie of the Year vegetable has made itself known early this year - and there is no other competition in it's class.  Introducing...

Panisse Lettuce!

Now I know lettuce is not generally revered for the nuance of its varieties, so let this be its moment: a good head of lettuce can be extraordinary. This delicate little lime-green head of lobed leaves performed admirably in the Spring but to our delight, it is holding great flavor and texture in the summer, too.  Hot weather is notoriously tough on lettuce, so we won't have panisse in the Farm Store for much longer - but we are packing it in this weekend, as it has developed quite a following.  (We will have it again for the cooler autumn months.)  It is not a new variety, but it is a new variety to us - and it is going to replace a number of our traditional thicker-leafed summer lettuces.  Enjoy it with our chive blossom vinaigrette.  Last night I used it's soft leaves as fresh wrapping around summer tacos made of tomatoes, corn, Hickories salsa-verde, and rice.  Oh Panisse...hats off to you in 2017!  

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