CSA Shares Sold Out for 2018 - Thank you!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the engine that runs this farm.  It gets us out of the gate each year and secures the bond between you and your dinner-plate for three seasons.

If you want to provide one significant gift to yourself and your family this month, connect them to the Earth through fresh organic fruits and vegetables raised at The Hickories.

Spring Shares: We offer a very limited number of spring shares for those who wish to get a jump on the harvest season with fresh greens and early veggies. We offer spring farm tours and special baby animal meet and greets for our Spring share members, as well. The share will include vegetables, preserves, and flowers fresh from the fields.  

Summer Share:Celebrate the bounty of summer's fruits (strawberries, blueberries, etc.) and vegetables (asparagus to zucchini). A vibrant time at the farm, the summer share includes a pick-your-own crop some weeks, which is perfect for engaging your inner farmer and bringing home the best tasting food in town.

Autumn Share:The autumn share is born out of simply not wanting it all to end. We have designed a program that will invite a few families to stay with our harvest through Thanksgiving. Though we grow at a smaller scale, we continue to try to provide diverse, healthy, safe, and nutritious locally-raised food to folks who choose to participate. We have winter hoophouses in production to protect tender greens through the first snowfalls and preserve food in our pantry and root cellar for cold weather distribution.

Flower Share: The latest and greatest endeavor by our farmers – organic flowers are finally in full-scale production.  You will be supporting clean air, water, and saving bees and other pollinators while taking home fragrant, certified organic flower arrangements every two weeks during the growing season.  

Super Share:  To join it all - and enjoy nearly 30 weeks of farm fresh food and flowers a year, sign up for all four shares at once. Read the descriptions of each and decide if you can commit to living a year on the farm calendar with us. Then look out your window and think about fresh flowers on your table and a scrumptious heirloom tomato salad! For your generous support, we provide a discounted share price - and we salute you!

With glee, we now turn from quickbooks to the heirloom and organic seed catalogs. As always, please do not hesitate to write or visit with your ideas about what you would like to see us growing this season.  More often then not, it is our members that shape our crop plan.  More to come in my next letter on seeds and vegetable varieties for 2018.  For now, visit our online store - as CSA memberships are limited and sell out quickly.

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