Autumn Share Week Two

Todays windy weather and crispness to the air reminds me of how much I love putting on a few extra layers, drinking hot tea and watching the leaves dance around us as we work on putting the  fields to bed. This time of year is a lot of clean up and putting down cover crops to hold our soil over the winter and keep us growing. 

This weekend is the full moon in October. We are holding our annual harvest moon party this Saturday if you haven't herd. We still have some tickets left

In this week's share:

Lettuce Head

Radicchio- If you have never had radicchio before, do a little research before eating. This is a chicory, a bitter green which is well suited for a number of things. If you are a first timer I recommend this recipe with some of the variations included. 

Poblano peppers- a great use for them is stuffing the peppers


Snap Beans



Extra- PYO husk cherry pint. I know it is cold and windy so we welcome you to come back anytime this weekend to pick. 

See you at the farm


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