Autumn Share Week Three

Happy Week 3 of our CSA 

This past weeks cold, windy days turned up the autumnal vibes around here. As we skirt around the days before frost, we're excited to continue sharing the last of summers harvest with you. As our seasons transition, we continue to transplant out our winter crops and turn over beds to rest for the winter. Collecting seeds, spreading compost, separating dry beans, all reminders that winter is coming. 

Our pumpkin patch will be open all weekend (and every day through October) from 10am -5pm. The Carve (or paint) your-own-pumpkin table is located in the barn. Just leave the mess here; the pumpkin guts will go to our chickens. We have a farm tour with Dina Saturday at 2pm and Wool & Wine with Laura Sunday at 4pm. 

We have half hog shares available for those interested in filling your freezer before winter with the best pork around. Each recipient goes through a custom cut sheet with one of our farmers, and you get to pick how you want your pork cut, wrapped, smoked, and sausaged. Visit our website store for more info! 

In this week's share:

Micro Shoot- Pea or Sunflower
Sweet Peppers
Mizuna- eat fresh or add to stir fry or soups! 
Hon Tsai Tai- Similar to broccoli raab with a sweeter flavor and delicate texture
Purple Top Turnip-Some XL and some smaller. Purple top turnips are great roasted, or made into soups. The greens are edible as well and can be braised or made into a pesto. 
Holy Basil- One of my favorite tea herbs but can also be used in a number of dishes as well. To make tea fresh steep a few leaves, stems and flowers in hot water for about 3 minutes (drain and serve with honey) 

See you at the farm

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