Autumn Share Week Four

This weeks share has so many good things we are just diving right in! 

In this week's share:

Treviso Chicory- My absolute favorite chicory to eat. This is similar to the radicchio you got a few weeks ago but the deep color and white vines are a real show stopper. Lovely in a salad and unbeatable braised with garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.
Napa Cabbage- Hands down my favorite type of cabbage. Can be eaten raw or cooked into a stir fry, will pair well with the pac choy for cooking. 
Pac Choy- Like Boc Choy, but slightly larger. I often remove stems from leaves while cooking since the stems are thicker. After a few minutes of brazing stems and anything else harder, I add the leaves in. 
Radish- If radishes leave you a little stumped in how to eat them. Try roasting them! Roasting removes some of the spicy-ness to them.
Cilantro or Chives- Add into salsa or top your stir fry with
Red Salsa

See you at the farm!


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