Autumn Share Week 7

This week we experienced lows that we normally expect for December or January. I spoke with farmer Nick (for those of you who remember him!) who is now in Texas and he mentioned they were expecting their first frost, which for the area is about a month early. We did our best to cover, and double cover crops and pre harvest vegetables that we expected to not make it.

Surprisingly, many of our crops handled the chill much better then I had anticipated. Some veggies have slight cool 'burn' marks on them but nothing too bad which is impressive. So if you see any spots that are slightly darker on your leaves or white that is from the cold. It is still good to eat, and actually makes the plant sweeter. 

This weeks share:




Pac Choy

Sugarloaf Radicchio 

Swiss Chard or Collard Greens 

Dilly Beans

Fatback or Pork Bones both of these can be used to prep for your Thanksgiving meal. Pork fat has to be rendered before using but is great for frying and cooking. Pork Bones can be used to make a bone broth which can be used in replacement of water for extra flavor or saved for soup. 

This Sunday Bernards restaurant is hosting a dinner showcasing  a nose-to-tail pig dinner s. We look forward to the conversation around our local food community, and what it means to truly eat nose-to-tail from trotter to charcuterie. Tickets are still available if you're looking to cozy up at one of Ridgefield nicest restaurants and support the slow farm-to-table food movement. Call (203) 438 -8282 to reserve your spot at the table. 

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851