Winter CSA week 4

Dear Winter CSAers,

At last the weather is starting to feel like winter. At least the winter I know from growing up in the bitter colds of the midwest. This long stretch of very cold days can be quite important for us here at the farm. First and foremost is allows a natural 'break', a great resting opportunity (unless of course you have a winter CSA!). It is also beneficial for the spring, the longer we have days below freezing the more likely it is that insects will die off, limiting the amount of insect pressure we have in spring. Spring is far off for most but for us this time of year begins the critical planning of what gets planted next year. Personally I long for spring, new growth, high energy, warm sun its all very intoxicating. What I find incredible is amongst 15 degree weather and quite frankly improbable odds for the crops, we are able to provide food that is reminiscent of springtime. The added advantage of course is just how sweet everything is because of the winter soil. 

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Microgreen Salad - I add these little guys to my eggs in the morning and in pretty  much any rice dish

Cranberry Dried beans 



Thank you and please have a Happy New Year!!!! See you in 2018!
Nick D

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