Winter CSA week 3

Dear Winter CSAers,

Week 3 already?! Crazy how fast it flies with this week we are just under halfway through the winter share! I just got back from Illinois, visiting family before the crazy rush of the holiday season. In particular I visited my 86 year old grandmother, whom lives in Princeton Illinois. A small town surrounded by farm land as far as the eye can see, the motherland of corporate agriculture. On the way over, from Chicago, the highway abuts acre after acre of farmland,  as we pass all you can see is black dirt  and various reminants of corn or soybean that have been tilled under. Every once and a while your view is interrupted by massive farm houses, with big old red barns the agricultural equivalent of islands, it feels a bit vacant. It made me think of my new home, Connecticut, while it may have its own set of challenges. Farms like The Hickories are doing revolutionary work by reinstalling a sense of community in line of work that was based around community for thousands of year’s prior. My grandma grew up in Illinois and with that came farming, it was not so much by choice but by necessity she spent most of her life growing a vast variety of vegetables, not for a profit but for her families nourishment and the nourishment of the surrounding community. While I was with her we both regailed in stories of growing certain vegtables ones that were a pain in the neck, ones we loved, ones we hated, ones we wish we could grow better. I remember pulling out my phone and showing her pictures of last weeks share the face she made; one of excitement and joy, remains with me still. She had a million questions on how we planted, are we heating it, are the grown in the ground? She was enamored. I hugged her goodbye on Tuesday my face red and my eyes starting to swell of tears, I missed my family. 

Many of you over the years have been sort of a pseudo –family for me allowing me to share the food I grow with you and your family. Much like my grandma did during her life, an amazing connection that I think about often. Whether your holiday is over or it is just beginning I hope that it is a happy one and that it is enjoyed alongside family. 

This weeks share :

Onions : red and yellow saved from this years harvest


Tatsoi : Covered outside and forgotten, it is excellent sautéed  


Micro Dill : The most dill tasting dill you will ever have

Sweet Potatoes : This years experiment crop by Farmer Alex grown and harvested exclusively for winter share (and farmers!)

Thank you all so much

Happy Holidays!

Nick DeBrock

(The photo, if it shows, is a tree i planted from seed and my grandmothers house.)

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851