Winter CSA Share

Dear CSAers,

Today I write you bearing bad news. Not exactly how I wanted to ring in the New Year but unfortunately mother earth had other plans. There is no pick up today the 8th of January but instead we will hour our FINAL: pick up of the season this Friday. That means I am pulling the plug one week early on the CSA, and instead this Friday January the 12th will be one big pickup worth two weeks of shares. What Happened? To put it simple, things died. The crops in the greenhouses while covered with row cover as well, just couldn't take how cold it was for how long it lasted. In growing terms for a couple of days here we were in a zone 3 growing climate, equivalent to northern Maine. The spinach has become limp and papery, no longer great for fresh eating, scallions are buried in snow, carrots frozen in the ground even under cover, squash and potatoes both rotted and froze in storage. While I have accounted for loss and had certain buffer crops to accommodate for that, there is just too much loss here and there and the end result would be very sparse last couple of shares. Instead I would rather combine what I do have into one last mega share. I am personally both upset and very sorry and hope that everyone understands. The very foundation of winter share in my vision is receiving farm fresh produce in winter. The weather this week has officially ended most of what I had for freshly harvested produce, and thus explains the prompt end. 

My hope behind this is that all of you have bought into the idea of healthy, local, and organic produce and the community it brings with it. I invite you, in the spring time, if you are shopping at our store or picking up a spring share, to take an extra bag of salad, or bunch of kale or carrots, or even a bundle of asparagus. Everyone invested and supported in me and this share. I am very grateful for everyone's support. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to learn and grow not only vegetables but my agricultural skills, thank you. This is the vary essence of CSA, taking a bet on the farm and the weather with no guarantee of what comes. I personally found the share to be the best yet, if it was not for such extreme colds we could have kept on going. I am so grateful for your support, I will see you all this January the 12th on Friday. 

Again I repeat there is NO pick up today the 8th, but instead one final pickup on the 12th, this Friday!

Thank you so much!
Nick DeBrock

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851