Week 7

Dear CSAers,

This photo was taken of our beloved Nick DeBrock during his intern year here at The Hickories.  I have used it many times to promote our mission of training and celebrating young farmers.  Today is his birthday; he is turning 26.  This is his third year at The Hickories.  He started as an intern, then continued on as an apprentice, and now is our head grower and field manager.  For such a young man to have learned so much, taken on so much responsibility, and done it with such good-natured optimism - it is inspiring.  He went to college for agriculture at what he jokingly refers to as "monsanto university" in Illinois. He was convinced, through extensive reading and soul-searching and then one huge leap of faith, that his future was in sustainable and organic growing instead.  So he made is way from the bio-fuel fields to our lucky little farm. Happy Birthday Nick!  Please send any good wishes to nick@thehickories.org or give him a birthday high-five when you see him at your pickup this week.  

The story of each young farmer growing for you this season is inspiring in its own way.  I am honored to work among "millennials" who have come to the quietude of farming amid the cultural fervor for snap-chats and air-conditioned offices. The physical and mental challenges of farming are never compensated adequately; our young farmers work ceaselessly for what they believe in, rain or shine; and practically speaking, their labor and clear-headed thinking is keeping a lot of us fed this year.

I am so proud to work with Nick: I am not exaggerating when I observe that the valor of young farmers like him is the cornerstone of what will save our democracy and our planet.  By supporting this farm, you are building training grounds and careers for people like him - so my thanks go out to you all, too!

In this week's share:


zucchini/yellow squash


baby onions



PYO blueberries - while they last!

Please remember to bring your re-usable bags and re-use your pint containers for PYO weeks. We will try to keep paper bags and pints in stock, but we are trying to use less.

Have a great week.  All the best,


The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851