Week 3

Dear CSAers,

Today is one of those blue-bird sky days; you simply can't imagine that within 24 hours we will find ourselves amid what folks are calling a May Nor'easter, replete with 2 inches of rain and high winds.  On the other side of whatever this weekend's storm will bring, is a glorious week of good farming weather.  Our crops are showing signs of this cold spring and so we all have fingers crossed that next week will put them in overdrive and we will make up for some lost time given all the chill temperatures and cloud cover.  

Before heading out to refuel, I caught Nick and Alex posing for selfies with their harvest: the pride they take in what they are growing for you here is a sure sign that they are great farmers in the making.  This week's share:

  •  salad mix with mizuna
  • aspragus OR spinach: the cold temperatures mean we will have to split our asparagus harvest between two weeks of shares.  This week, check the directions and if your name is highlighted in green, take an asparagus; if your name is not highlighted, take a spinach.  We will reverse that next week! 
  • carrots
  • chives (with blossoms): put these in a glass of water for a day or two and enjoy the blooms opening, then put them on a salad and enjoy the edible flowers!
  • kale
  • ramps:  pictured above.  This is a "wild foraged" harvest from woodlands - and if you haven't had them before, be sure to try them, generally a light butter sautée or Laura's favorite, chopped and cooked with eggs. Ramps have a very short season, and are a special crop for us as they are the archetypal spring delicacy.
  • a jar of salsa verde (from our green tomato and jalapeño harvest!)

We are sending out individual emails, but as a quick note: the rain tomorrow is forcing us to reschedule our Farm Tour (again!) and first Fly Fishing class.  Please check your email if you have signed up for either to see rain dates.  Have a great week.  

All the best,


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