Week 2

Dear CSAers,

With over two inches of rain in the forecast, farmers are racing to get the harvest in.  It is spring, though, and our new boots are still water-proof so everyone is happily dancing around the packing house.  Your share will be ready today in the Farm Store anytime between 2pm-7pm.  

The apples are blooming this week.  We are hoping that the temperatures will be high enough for the bees to fly (over 55 degrees) and get them pollinated. We as a CSA community depend on the delicate combination of temperature, blossom, and sunshine to get each crop pollinated.  The crops that blossom in the "shoulder seasons" (now) are the most vulnerable.  We will know in a few weeks if the trees were pollinated by the tiny swelling at the bottom of the bud.  

In this week's share:

  • salad mix
  • spinach
  • radish bunch
  • leeks
  • pea shoots
  • flowers
  • chive vinaigrette

You will notice that the asparagus is just coming in to the Farm Store - we are hoping the crop will come fully into it's own next week and it will be in your share.  New members often ask why things are in the store and not in the share - and the reason is that crops come in to harvest slowly, on a bell curve.  CSA members get the peak of the harvest, but given how many of you there are, you don't always get it the first week. When we can pull in 55 lbs, it will be yours.  We hope the flowers in your share help to fill your home with the aroma and beauty of springtime.  One other item that takes some explaining is the chive vinaigrette: we make the vinegar by infusing it with chive blossoms which give it a delicate floral/allium flavor.  We ask that our bottling company not use any emulsifiers or additives, so the dressing is quick to separate: one hint is to add a half teaspoon of mustard powder to the bottle after you open it - it will not change the flavor, but mustard powder is a natural emulsifier and the salad dressing will hold it's blend a bit longer.  

Have a great week.  All the best,


The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851