Week 15

Dear CSAers,

Apologies for the late sending of this email.  We have been running around today to harvest and deliver for the Outstanding in the Field dinner that will take place here on Wednesday night.  I met with Chef Tyler Andersen of Millwright's Tavern this morning and evening to finalize our harvest and his menu.  The Outstanding in the Field dinner is one of several high points of our year - a time to shorten the length of the chain from field to table, a time to showcase our work.  The symbolism is not lost on me: the meal is also an opportunity for our guests to shake the calloused hands that feed them and to sit down together at the table, or should I say 'The Table,' despite differences, to enjoy the repast. OITF sets one long continuous table at which guests shares a family-style meal. It is magical.

Important announcement: Wednesday CSAers will pickup on Friday this week.  We need to be cautious about the flow of traffic on our farm, so we are moving the Wednesday pickup.  Add-on shares will be here on Friday, as well.  

While the Outstanding in the Field dinner is a sight to behold, it is important to note that Chef Tyler Andersen is whipping up the same magic that each of you conjure each week as part of our CSA program.  This one dinner will be posted and tweeted and liked and retweeted, but it pales in comparison to the magnitude of the harvest that you all have transformed onto your own tables.  Chef Tyler may be the one at the grill Wednesday night, but even with his celebrity-chef status, but he is simply doing what you do each week, working a seasonal harvest into something that nourishes both the body and the planet.  CSA membership is the genuine article, the 'boots on the ground' way of fulfilling the mission that created the Outstanding in the Field dinners to begin with.  So in summary, you are awesome. 

In this week's share:

  • peppers
  • scallions
  • radishes
  • tomatoes
  • eggplant
  • apples
  • watermelon

Next week, week 16, will be the final week of the Summer CSA.  We will then take a week to regroup and start the Autumn share harvest and pickups (Friday's only) on October 6th.

All the best,


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