CSA Week 10

Dear CSAers,

Last night, in the early part of August, I slept with windows open and multiple covers on. I remember as a child growing up in Illinois our air conditioning was on from the beginning of July till about middle September, it was just too darn hot. From my limited growing expierence I have to say that this is a very unusual summer to grow vegetables, with today not even reaching 70 degrees. With that observation, it is one of the many reasons I love this line of work. The constant challenge year to year makes every vegetable, whether kale or tomatoes, always a reward to harvest.

I must admit that every week when we create 'this weeks' CSA harvest I try to create a theme to the week. This proves more difficult some weeks than others and sometimes its near impossible. This week accidentally turned into a 'Ratatouille' share! As stated above we have had an abnormally cool summer so our heat loving crops like peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes are taking a bit longer to flood us. This week however you are receiving the first of the eggplants from our field. They are bold, big and beautiful! The rest of the share falls right into place to make an amazing ratatouille.

Red Onions (baby onions thinned to make bigger onions, sweet like an apple!)
Peaches (Bigger, more ripe, and possibly tastier than last week!)
Cherry Tomatoes (Speak for themselves!) 

Potato Party Harvest Postponed! Dina and Alex both are out this Friday, so we will postpone the party to next week Friday, stay tuned for more details next week. 

Best Regards, 

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