CSA 2017 - Sign up time has begun!

Dear Spring CSAers from 2016,

It's CSA sign up time - and we wanted you to be the first to know.  We will open it up to new members next week, but we always give returning members "first dibs."  CSA 2017 is now live on our website and we are eager to connect up with members from last year.  The seasonal staff will return in March, but until then, I am getting my proverbial ducks in a row: making changes to our crop plan to accommodate your feedback from last year, working out the details of the crop rotation, and of course, purchasing seed and all the startup supplies for another growing season.  

I am always struck at how simple, at least on paper, a trade we have here.  Members buy shares and that sets our annual budget.  We exist because you make it so - plain and simple.  We feed you and you, in turn, keep farmers farming and keep our land in production.  As a gesture of mutual devotion, they don't come much cleaner and clearer than that.  Please join us for the 2017 growing season.

There are Spring, Summer, Autumn Shares available.  For the full-throttle "locavores" among you, there is the Super-Share as well - a discounted option to purchase all three seasons together.  We have opened sales on our Flower CSA as well - and it make a very special add-on for Valentines day or Mother's Day.  You must sign up for whatever share(s) you would like online by clicking here. Like most small businesses, we prefer you pay by check, but the online payment option is available too.  If you pay by check, feel free to pay in two installments as well, one now and one in May.  Please send checks to: 

The Hickories 

136 Lounsbury Road 

Ridgefield, CT 06877

I am simultaneously struck at how complex my little farm operations have become over the years.  Its a glorious diversity and one that strengthens our ecology, our minds, and our connection to the Earth - even if it does make our excel sheets a little dizzying.  We grow over 160 varieties of fruits and vegetables now.  We grow over 120 varieties of flowers, each with their own special path to bloom.  We raise pigs and sheep and birth lambs and process wool and meat for our membership.  We have a small contract seedling business with other farmers and produce certified organic seedlings to help their operations flourish.  We started a trout pond (more to come on that for you this season.)  We preserve food in salsas and jams and even herbal salad dressings. Farm dinners and farm tours and the occasional wedding.  What is notable about each of these operations, to me, is that they all connect people to working land, we provide foundation services that involve feeding, clothing and sheltering our customers.  We love what we do, and we are grateful that you are a part of protecting one of the last production-based farms in our community.  

All the best,

Dina Brewster

ps Apologies in advance if you get this email several times - I am sending it to Spring, Summer, and Autumn newsletters so you may be on repeat lists.

The Hickories 136 Lounsbury Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203)-894-1851